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Who are we?

The Portal Project is a program of communities set up in Brazil and throughout the world. It sets up scientific studies in the cerebral evolution, auto-immunity, paranormality, ufology interpretative archaeology, of astronomy geography, agronomy, physic (parallel universes) and new technologies, among which alternatives sources of energy.

Scientific facts are studied, backed up with proof. The point is to make science prove the truthfulness and the reality of ufologic events. The authenticity and the credibility of this work have repercussions all over Brazil and in several other countries.

The heart of the Portal Project is located at the farm of Boa Sorte (“Good Luck”), in the town of Corguinho in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. It is situated at around 120 km of Campo Grande, at latitude 19° south. It is a place where extraterrestrials are transmitting some of their knowledge. Also, this area is considered as one of the energetic spots’ of the planet and, thanks to its vibrational resounding, it allows beings of various energetic levels to work together with human beings. As a portal, journeys towards other dimensions are facilitated. This facilitates and allows the occurrence of ufologic and paranormal phenomena, like the opening of portals and teletransportation. This portal has the same capacity as the Bermuda triangle; it can receive spaceships up to the 9th dimension.

The energetic field of this area alters and participates with the expansion of peoples’ vibrational field. It alters their cerebral frequency and increases their capacity for knowledge (rationality) and perception (intuition).

These studies are aimed at transmitting information and « making people conscious » so as to unable them to develop their potential in a rational and intelligent manner, avoiding illusions and fantasies.


The Portal Project is a non-profit-making association which seeks inner and outer development, immunity through energetic balance. It is looking to access cerebral levels compatible with the entrance into the new era and the changes that come with it, in a stage of cerebral, physical, emotional and behavioural evolution – within the para-scientific ufologic scope.

The objective of the Portal Project is the transmission of knowledge about human beings, the meaning of life, and of everyone’s mission on the planet Earth and in the Cosmos towards a new reality.

The main goal of our activity is to orientate and guide in order to contribute to cerebral evolution and to the evolution of consciousness. These activities aim at helping everyone to develop their cerebral power, their vibrational energy, in order to fully control their own cerebral capacities and in so doing reach a new balance where every one is able to help themselves as well as others. This also happens through work on individual consciousness in order to find again, or to remember the importance of one’s mission.

Man is only interested in its material, scientific and technologic development and forgets the development of his own cerebral capacities. The mind is in charge of archiving the events of our lives; it allows us to think and pushes our bodies to act. We can therefore think that it is capable of determining our well-being or ill-being, cerebral as well as physical.

Our work is based on energies, vibrations and control of cerebral power. All these things are present in our lives on a day to day basis but we only allow them little interest.

We are looking for immunization through an energetic balance, in order to reach cerebral levels compatible with changes that are to come in a cerebral, physical and emotional stage.

The Portal Project is looking for people to become aware and to develop research, not only based on ufology, but also on scientific and parascientific fields.

As an example of scientific study, we can quote the research made on antique civilisations based on our expedition called « Discover the Past to understand the Future ». Its mission was to find proof about the origin of Man and its link to Brazil by presenting new dates and finding solutions to existing theories. We can prove that some pre-Columbus civilisations were controlling much more superior technology than ours on the base of proof dating from around 25.000 years before J.C... Remains found in caves and rocks, such as drawings and unknown symbols, are as much witness of knowledge of that period in engineering and architecture.
Our energetic work is based on techniques that enable better physical and cerebral balance.

These activations seek to orientate people towards their cerebral and mindual evolution, to develop their vibrational energy so that, in complete possession of their cerebral capacities and in reaching a balanced level, everyone may help themselves and help others. The activities also seek to stimulate the awakening of consciousness in everyone so that they remember their mission and its’ importance. The target is not only to propose phenomenon linked to extraterrestrials, but is also linked to scientific studies of certain facts based on real proof, so that sceptics and science world come to accept and prove the reality of ufologics events.

The Portal Project is setting up a project of recognition: knowledge of oneself and of the reason of life, the disclosure of everyone’s mission in the Cosmos and, as a consequence, here on Earth.

Our ufologic work seeks to understand the reasons why extraterrestrials are present on earth. A partnership is allowing us to receive information on the changes of planets and on the transformations that will concern human beings. As for Technologies, they are supporting/helping us in many ways.

The Participants
Members and leaders of the Portal Project possess a very large variety of specialisations and a wide field of action. They are scientists, researchers, doctors, astronoms, paranormals, teachers, and therapists in alternative medicine, members of different churches, ufologists, students, curious people, etc.

· 335 000 people have already visited the Portal Project
· 21 015 people have already drawn out their symbology during a meeting at the Portal Project
· 4 123 planetaries have already attended meetings at the Portal Project
· More than 5 000 active members are participating in meetings of the Portal Project in a place in Brazil at least every 5 months
· 2 817 dimensionals of the Portal Project are working on the awakening of consciousness of people around them by participating in almost all the meetings and events
· Between 870 to 1 200 people are dedicating some of their time trying to reach compatibles frequencies.

Frequent Events
The Portal Project coordinates and finances various events for the development of dimensionals:

General Conference
Members and all publics
Basic conferences on Ufology and cerebral evolution with basic information for new participants.
Spécial conférences
Members and all public
Basic conferences on Ufology and cerebral evolution with elementary information for the new participants
Presentation of the latest news and/or limitations, reports on trips and guidelines to advance on projects
Members and all publics
Complete training sessions on concepts and practices of the Project performed in a classroom
Work on location
Work performed on location in order to transmit training and do elementary practical work
Work performed at the farm of the Portal Project to transmit training and perform advanced and intensive practical work
Collective consultation
Group meetings to apply exercises for personal development
Individual consultation
Individual meetings to give targeted information to perform exercises for personal development
Members and scientific community
Expedition to discover, research for and recognise places (i.e.: Amazonia) with materials, technological and knowledge signs

Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira

The paranormal and ufologist was contacted for the first time at the age of 13 when, being totally conscious, he was taken from his bedroom and brought to a vessel of purple light.

From that time on, he was constantly visited by lights that were communicating in a normal way with him, and his paranormality has evolved by stages.

The extraterrestrials kept visiting him, constantly reminding him his mission that he finally accepted twenty years ago.

« I will tell you what had happened to me, because this can also be your story – or a part of your story – something to which you can identify, or that may help you understand how I happen to be where I am today, the how and why. At the beginning, there were voices. I would hear them without knowing where they were coming from. It started when I was 9 years old. I could feel the presence of people around me, I could hear them calling me but I didn’t know where the voices were coming from. Sometimes I could see shadows.

As time passed, I started to perceive that, depending on my emotional state and if I came close to electrical equipment, interferences would occur. For example, it would cause interferences with the radio or the television.

The second point is thoughts. All that I was thinking about or deeply desired would finally come true. But for me, all of this was normal, it did not disturb me.

There were also the twisted spoons that we would notice when going for dinner, but at that time I was thinking that it was my mother that was bending them when washing up. Except that one day as I was irritated, the fork twisted so fast that it hurt my lip. Upset, I threw it on the floor, but it kept twisting. I took it and it broke in my hand. This is how I found out that I was the cause of the problem since this would not occur with my brothers and sisters.

That very night, the paranormal Uri Gueler was on television, twisting and braking objects with the sole strength of his mind. I made the connection with what happened to me and what I saw on TV and I understood that, through a positive thought, I could manipulate substances and interact with thoughts of other people and that this was not something usual.

My first contact with extraterrestrials happened when I was 13. Until that age, I never saw anything different in the sky. I was standing in a place and I saw a huge light that was blinking and changing colour. It was whistling and making circles in the sky. Suddenly it disappeared.

I went home, and as I laid down, I saw a purple light in my room that swallowed me and took me inside a spaceship (at that time, I didn’t even know what a vessel was).

Inside the spaceship, two men were manipulating my neck, which left a scar. And a woman was making moves with her shining hands as if she was energising us both. They told me that they would pay me other visits and gave me things to do. They took me back to my room in the same way as they took me away in the first place.

Until today, I still have the scar on my neck. This was made by an implant that has been shown through an X-ray. Later on, the beings told me that this was helping me to activate energy.

After this event, I constantly received visits of lights that were manifesting themselves in my mind. My paranormality was getting stronger every day.

I had problems with people in my family circle during my childhood and my teenage years because I was “different”. I was left alone, discriminated again, taken for a wizard, for a fool and a liar.

Realization of paranormal phenomena

From 18 years on, I started to make demonstrations of paranormality to people, but the beings of lights told me that this energy was not made to serve for exhibitionism and that I had to find out what its use would be.

When I was 23 years old, I made another discovery. I met two people in the street that had been run over and suffered from fractures. I had the feeling that I should touch them and in doing so their pain reduced and finally disappeared. That very day, I understood that I could and had to use this energy for others.

After that experience, I received directions from the beings on the techniques of how to use the energy for personal development, how to stabilize people vibrational field, to give out light from my hands, from my body, from chakras and to access other dimensions.

I learnt that this photo fluorescence on my body could be activated by emotional and sexual (Kundalini) stimulations which were accelerating my cerebral frequencies in transmuting my own energy. This brightness on my hands has been analysed in the past by scientists who did not succeed in proving that it was provoqued by some chemical product. However during the energisation meetings, people with a compatible energy succeed in lightning themselves up without me touching them.

I kept receiving visits from the beings who were constantly reminding me that I had to accomplish a mission, which I only finally accepted when I was 29. I hesitated because I knew that it would be a huge responsibility.

It was agreed that each time it would be necessary to prove to one or two people the existence of beings; they would show themselves in one way or another, to give credit to my work. And this is what happens on a regular basis.”

Everything that happened to Urandir happens to other people too: paranormal phenomena, an intensification of the energies, extrasensorial perceptions, natural phenomena that are happening in our lives and to which we are not paying much importance, and too which we are not giving a second thought.

Paranormality is a capacity that we all possess: each of us can activate its vibrational energy through various stimulations, thus provoking a fusion which alters our cerebral frequency.


The human mind is a sensorial capacity of intelligence. One of its functions is to capture information that is stored in cerebral neurons by other senses of the human being. The mind is able to capture and store any type of information in a living cell. Through willpower, human beings are capable of entering into resonance with any cerebral area and to bring to their consciousness a piece of information that they will find stored there.

The human mind is responsible for the storage of all information about life, of the ability to think and of our body’s action, but well beyond all of this; the human mind is also capable of interacting on substances and energy external to itself.

Paranormality refers to any experience that transcends natural laws and that falls within the limits of normal experimentation or of phenomena that can be explained by present day scientific knowledge.

What defines the paranormality of certain phenomena is that the scientists cannot link its existence/instance to a reasonable explanation or theory. For example, parapsychological phenomena –such as telepathy, telekinesis, clearsight and premonition- are typical examples of the paranormal since they cannot be approved or explained by today’s science.

Pseudoscience and paranormality are two separate terms. Many beliefs are not scientific because they are beyond the field of research and of scientific methods, but they are not paranormal because they do not implicate a causal power or mechanism which changes the laws of nature.

A paranormal is a person who has learned to coordinate their own thoughts and desires and who has succeeded in controlling their energy so that they obey to their intentions. The paranormal person can also interact with substance and produce outstanding phenomena. The two fundacerebral rules of paranormality are to think positive and to wish deeply. The paranormal energy used to create a physical phenomenon, like spinning a peace of metal, is the same as the one that is used for other phenomena, such as personal development, health, emotional or financial balance.

We usually think that paranormality is a characteristic of very few people who received this gift when they were born. However, even if there is just a minority of people to be born with these active capacities, anyone can develop paranormality at any time of its life. We can improve it in doing physical and cerebral exercises that help to concentrate the energy, to direct it and to speed up the frequency of cerebral waves.

In fact, our actual way of life is concentrated on material, scientific, technological aspects, but very little on the improvement of cerebral capacities.

Paranormality is linked to ufology since the capacities of a paranormal person helps her to perceive the presence of beings from other dimensions and to establish a contact with them. Very often, these beings are evoluating on superior levels of evolution. We call them commonly the “extraterrestrials” because they belong to levels that are parallel or external to earth’s level. In fact Ufology is the study of these beings.

Paranormal capacities are greatly increasing during these contacts because they allow high manipulation of the energy and privilege the transmission of information on the evoluation of humanity.

Cerebral levels

The brain transmits magnetic waves of various frequencies depending on the type and on the intensity of cerebral activity as well as on the environment which surrounds us. These waves may be measured using an electro-encephalography and then classified by level of intensity. These levels correspond to potential interaction types.

The Astral level

In the astral level, the mind influences inner consciousness, this means that its influence is limited to the energetic field of the body (around 7 meters of circumference around the body). The cerebral frequency is slow: it is going from 0,1 to 8 cycles per second; we say that the vibration is low.

The brain’s action in the astral levels is natural and automatic. For example, we are acting in the astral level when we are meditating, crying and during the longest part of our sleeping process. It is on this level that imagination or creation is being generated (but not the fast and intense realization of phenomena). Self-healing is also possible, even though it is a slow process.

As cerebral frequencies slow down, energies (and their capacity to protect) in turn slow down. Body and mind are then vulnerable to negative energies. We can observe the reverse phenomenon on a cerebral level. The astral level does not favour the development of paranormality and of cerebral evolution, which happens on accelerated levels.

5 to 8 cycles/second
§ Light dreamless sleep
§ Level of the creation, of the thought, of desire, of projection
§ Conscious or unconscious action
§ Programming dreams during relaxation
TETA Level
2 to 4 cycles/second
§ Deep relaxation
§ Deep sleep with dreams
§ Possibility of surgery without anaesthesia and without pain thanks to hypnotic suggestion
0,1 to 1 cycles/second
§ Unconsciousness
§ Subconscious act
§ Imminence of coma
§ Minduality or religious level

Intermediate Level

The intermediate level, or wakeful state, is the normal state of a person during their daily activities. This is a unique level characterised by a cerebral frequency at the junction of astral and cerebral levels. At this stage, there is no activity or paranormal phenomena.

9 to 14 cycles/second
§ Physical senses : Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight and Hearing
§ Intermediate level between the astral and cerebral level. At this stage, the frequency of the brain varies from 9 to 14 cycles per second

Cerebral Level

On the cerebral level, the mind acts on the outer consciousness, which is outside the energetic field of the body. For example this allows, through the emission of energy, to perform physical effects and to act on the substance or mind of other people from a distance.

As it is a level which is rarely studied, there are very few paranormals through out the world who perform physical effects (people who are able to bring their mind to an advanced state of concentration and to perform physical phenomena)

Jesus Christ is an example of a paranormal who reached 100% of his cerebral capacity, leaving behind him examples of performances of physical effects and of accelerated self-healing. At this level, self-healing is fast as the cerebral level is reacting at an accelerated tempo. Results are instantaneous.

At a cerebral level, deeply wishing means wishing something without doubting its’ success. This comes down to bringing the thing to you, to imagine yourself using or possessing it, to actually see the desired event as if it already belongs to your life, as if it was something definitely established. To be able to make such a performance, you have to be in a totally conscious state of mind, without relaxation.

15 to 20 cycles/second
§ At this stage a few realisations of the astral are still being performed such as desire, projection and telepathy
§ Actions at the level of inner outer consciousness which means limited to the energetic field of the body (+/- 7 m. of circumference around the body)
§ Transmission of energy of subconscious limited to the energetic field of the body
§ Telepathy limited to the energetic field of the body
§ Programmation and interpretation of dreams
§ Activation of perception and of extrasensorial powers
21 to 26 cycles/second

§ Physical phenomena such as the distortion of metal, levitation of objects
§ Transmission of telepathic messages
§ Influence on people (not to be mistaken with manipulation)
§ Provocation of feelings and sensation for the good of others
27 to 32 cycles/second
§ Interaction with different dimensions
§ Realisation of phenomena such as transmutation of substance and materialisation or dematerialisation of objects, or even bodies
§ Travelling to other dimensions with our physical body

Emotional and sexual stimulation, when they are used the appropriate way, facilitate the expansion of the energetic field and increases the capacity/level of the mind. It is possible to practice and use any king of sensorial field, that it to say acting on any one of these levels with the same ease as when using our physical and biological senses. It is only a question of practice and concentration.

We notice a big difference between astral and cerebral levels. At the cerebral stage, phenomena are invisible: the energy of the process cannot be seen in a material way because it is not coming out of the energetic field.

Some phenomena can be performed on an astral as well as a physical level; this is the case with telepathy, clearsight, premonitions and energisations. Some of them even allow communication with entities and beings of other dimensions.

Above 17 cycles per second, the results of cerebral activities are always positive. The energy manipulated at these levels can only be used for positive ends or to stay neutral; it is never used for negative ends. At cerebral level, the aura is larger. A person with an accelerated vibration has an enlarged energetic field, which can “accelerate” people around them.

We are therefore working with vibrational energy. The more the person develops their capacities – does exercises and uses their energy in an appropriate way–, the more the vibration accelerates.


Ufology is the study of facts, observations, physical proof and other phenomena linked to unidentified flying objects as well as their eventual extraterrestrial equipment.

There are various ways of studying these facts, so that ufology may be divided into three lines of thought:

It is based on what can be seen and measured by scientific academic methods. The main material for research are pictures, films, testimonials from people who have seen appearances, and also the marks left on the ground by spaceships or on the people “contacted”.
It aims at comparing the knowledge of society with individual’s knowledge, with an accentuation on the necessity for a conceptual evolution of human beings in accordance with the universe and by encouraging a change in the vision of reality.
It looks for knowledge and comprehension with the help of extraterrestrials. It merges the education from diverse antique traditions, through the revision of actual scientific, religious and philosophical dogma, in order to understand the complexity of UFOs and to interact with beings from other planets/dimensions.
It is combining the two lines of thinking previously quoted. For Parascientific Ufology, only a global and unbiased approach will unable us to understand not only the extraterrestrials but also other phenomena which are not yet explained.

Lights and objects have been crossing the sky of the planet Earth for a very long time, causing the interest and curiosity of its inhabitants. These phenomena can not in fact be reproduced or explained by human beings or by science.

This questioning has brought human people to ask themselves if they might not be the only intelligent beings in the universe.

Some elementary astrological data brings possible answers to this question. The Earth and seven other planets are turning around a central star, the Sun. All of them belong to a galaxy (group of stars) composed of billion of stars (between 100 and 400 billion). Since there are around 50 billion of other galaxies in the universe, the probability of the existence of planets inhabited by intelligent forms of life around these stars is enormous. The mathematic demonstration of probability as well as proof already observed is creating an interest for ufology.

However, the existence of aliens is not the standard question. The most important thing is mainly to know why Earth should be visited.

The beings of more advanced species than human beings (on a technological and conscious level) are coming to Earth to help us to prepare for major changes to come. Their mission is to bring messages and warnings to human beings, as a Tutor or guardian would do, in interfering with their destiny and by avoiding some natural or human disaster. One of their main objectives is to prevent humanity from being erased from the Earth.

This vision goes automatically against the spiteful nature given to extraterrestrials by the media. They are actually here to help the human race to wake up by providing them moral or technological education. In spite of this, and because they fear to unbalance the society – taking into account religious, philosophical, economical, ... stakes – governments and leaders are spreading messages to the populations saying that the aliens and UFOs simply do not exist. So that those who witnessed the contrary do not say a word of it because they are afraid or ashamed to express themselves. The secret is therefore well kept.

There are so many pictures and videos which testify these phenomena that it is becoming impossible to disprove all of them. The effort made to falsify all of them would be too great and would not be worth it.

There are traces of extraterrestrial visits going back to antiquity, for example, rock paintings showing the presence of modern UFOs and their interaction with humans. We also find traces of written work, mainly in the Bible, which is considered as a sacred book, where you can find various examples of interaction with aliens, from the Old to the New Testament. At last, the air forces are confirming on a regular basis the reality of UFOs with the help of testimonials, images and archives.

All these appearances are highlighting the « Gods » who came to Earth to influence and accelerate human’s evolution, in order to make us more intelligent and developed.

Cosmic Origin

The question of the origin of life may be tackled in many ways. We usually identify and divide the various possible origins, as their single analyze covers various philosophical, historical, scientific, religious (dimension which already covers a large amount of point of view), etc…, implications.

So, there are various theories about the origins of life as a whole, of humanity and of the universe. The recent discoveries of modern science have not allowed the elaboration of a new theory totally distinct from the previous ones, but has permitted to articulate links between various theories already existing.

Here is a summary: there was an energetic explosion at the origin of the Cosmos. An original energy, vibrating at a unique tempo, exploded in billions of particles and micro-particles. Each one of them got disconnected from the original energy and started to exist and vibrate at its own rhythm, to live a life of its own.

As a result, the original energy – a complete cell (positive and negative / father and mother) started to vibrate on a stable way. Conversely, the particles and micro-particles issued of this complete cell started to vibrate in an expansive way, being a part of the perpetual creation of the Cosmos. This has allowed all particles or micro-particles to find a place in the Cosmos, each one according to its evoluative shape, creating the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdom.


§ Major part disconnected from the supreme energy (God)
§ Holds a bipolar charge (positive and negative)
§ Owns a determined spot in the Cosmos
§ One of the Self Superior’s polarity divided in positive and negative

§ Two particles with opposite polarity (man and woman) and with the same level of consciousness.
§ The level of consciousness determines that a particle from male essence is the soul mate of a particle from female essence
§ If the levels of consciousness are compatible, the particles will become soul mates; if this compatibility does not exist, then they will not even be related soul.
§ For the mission, the importance of the soul mate lies in the energetic potentialisation and in the rise of the level of consciousness of the two polarities thanks to their union.
§ If one of the polarities does not meet its soul mate, it is important to practise some work with one of the particles of its soul mate.
§ If there are no particles, the work might be performed with the karmic or with the companion souls.
§ Parts of the same essence (same polarity of the Superior Self).
§ The first incarnation of a particle determines it’s “point of origin” and its evolution.
§ Particles of the same essence may have different points of origin.

§ They are particles of the soul mate; this means particles of opposite polarity to the soul mates together with the same Self Superior but with a different consciousness.

§ They are particles from opposite polarity but they have no vibrational link or link of consciousness with the soul mate. This might be remnants of former lives (endless fights).
§ They are particles of opposite polarities towards which one feel a deep tenderness, a lot of affection. This might be remnants of former lives.
§ Karmic and companion souls both own different Superior Selves, while soul mates and related souls have the same.

History of Humanity

The origin of the planet Earth

Some 4,5 billions years ago, at the days of its creation, Earth had a straight axis (compared to the solar system). As a consequence, temperatures were either very high or very low. The environment of Earth was unfriendly and there was almost no life on it; it was mainly made of gas, of metal and of some kind of bacteria.

However, Earth has always been watched by beings from other planets and parallel dimensions.

The impact of comets and meteors has slightly modified the environment on the Earth. When a comet hit one of the stars from Sirius, a huge change occurred which considerably modify the environment on Earth. This impact threw many “fragments of stars” in the Cosmos; two of them crashed into the Earth. The Earth started then a process of declination from its axis, going from 0° to 45° in around 13 000 years and from 45° to 0° during the following 13 000 years. The Earth goes through cycles of 26 000 years (the cone-shape followed by the rotative axis of the Earth is completing a full round in around 26 000 years).

As at today, the declination of the Earth is around 21°/23°. With this kind of declination, the temperature stabilised, which creates more suitable conditions for life. This movement is in resonance with the rotations of the Earth around its central axis, Alcyone; there are lasting for around 26 000 years.

Extraterrestrial research on Earth

Around 450 millions years ago, the extraterrestrial beings from Orion, who had always been great observers of the Earth, asked for the permission to the Interstellar/Intergalactic Committee to explore Earth. They got the permission to visit Earth in order to perform researches for a period of a maximum of 30 years and under the condition of producing a report of their researches.

They noticed the great wealth of faun and flora during this period. They were also particularly interested in the primates who lived on the Earth. They practiced a few experiments on them, first in altering their magnetic field and then in altering their DNA. With the help of proteins and amino-acid, they speeded up their evolution. Every 30 or 50 years, they would come back to pursue their experiments

Because of the great interest of these investigations, they were authorised to pursue for another 2 000 years. Other species of extraterrestrials joined them: Pleiades, Sirius, Antares and Pegase.

In the course of this new phase, the extraterrestrial beings realised that the changes observed on the primates were not yet satisfying. They performed new alteration of their DNA and modified their cranium in order to allow the development of their intellectual capacities.

The extraterrestrials introduced on the Earth vegetable and animal species coming from their own planets in order to increase the results of their researches.

At the end of the 2 000 years of studies, the Interstellar/Intergalactic Committee asked for the return of the beings brought and/or developed on Earth. Unfortunately the beings had developed in such a way that their number were overpassing the capacity of the spaceship (transportation necessary for long journey). As a result, the leaders decided to only bring back the beings that were not from the Earth as well as their direct children. Their children and grand-children from indirect descendance were left on Earth. The leaders promised to come back with more spaceships 2 000 years later (1 000 back and 1 000 years forth). Even if they were evoluated these beings still did not know how to manipulate time (opening of portals).

The beings lived for around 8 000 years at that time. Even if they belonged to the 3rd dimension, they new how to manipulate their metabolism and drank a water that was not yet contaminated.

Emotions and dissensions

Earth owns different characteristics compared to most of the planets of the 3rd dimension. Most of them allow 50 or 70% of emotions while the Earth allows 100% of emotions. With no evoluated leader and with 100% of emotion, wars for wealth and power bloomed. The knowledge disappeared little by little. With time, memories of extraterrestrials origins were completely lost.

During this period, many other species from extraterrestrial beings came on Earth to practise researches.

After a journey of 2 000 years, leaders from the first group of researchers noticed the evolution of the beings and decided that it will not be possible to bring them back. They decided to build some constructions that would reverberate with the Cosmos in order to allow a cerebral evolution of these beings. During this visit, the leaders were taken for Gods (they were coming from the sky in spaceship and in sparkling clouds). Then the concept of God appeared on Earth.

Attempts of Recovery

The Chavi race draws a magnetic mesh around the Earth on which it was possible to identify spots with stronger magnetic intensity. They built spreaded out constructions in order to connect people to the Cosmos and work on consciousness at the same time. They chose some descendants with a better level of consciousness so that they would disseminate their knowledge to the others.

The leaders reproduced themselves with some human women so that their lineage would reach a better level of consciousness and may contribute to the process of the global evolution. They left their children on Earth, agreeing to come back 1 000 years latter to set them free from their mission (at that time, technological progress already allowed to make these travels in a shorter time)

When they came back, they found out that their sons did not succeed in the awakening of the consciousness of humanity and that their release would not be possible. So they left them on the Earth, but kept a frequent contact with them to help them with their evolution.

Then Earth was visited by other species of non developed consciousness and who did not belong to the Interstellar/Intergalactic Committee. Their objective was the exploitation of the human beings as well as the performance of genetics experiments to improve their technologies. This was a period of experiences, of slavery and of sufferings.

Following this, Earth welcomed beings from the planet Nibiru, the giants whose objective was to conduct a temporary exploration of the Earth. Niribu is called the planet-errant, or the 12th planet. It is entering the solar system every 1 800 years. On its second cycle, in 3 600 years, it passed very close to the Earth. Taking advantage of this proximity, these beings landed on Earth. They performed a few experiments and reproduced, which is at the origins of giants on Earth.

Arrival of dimensionals

The divine beings of the Cosmic Council (starting from the 5th dimension) evaluated the three-dimensional world (from the 3rd dimension, like Earth) and noticed that there were many dissension and fights for power. They also noticed the exploitation from people who had more knowledge and who were manipulating the others for power.

Concerned with this situation, the divine beings called for dimensional beings who were ready to help restore the order on the planets of 3rd dimension through advice and recommendations so that the inhabitants would regain consciousness. Each group of volunteer chose a planet, according to its own wishes. One of the groups, composed of 49 various races, chose Earth to carry its mission through.

This first group reached Earth in 13 000 before J.C., but did not succeed in carrying the mission through. The high density of the Earth affected their cosmic memory so that they forgot about their abilities and their mission. This group stayed on the Earth without consciousness of their mission.

At that time, the Cosmic Council sent a second group in 6 000 before J.C. to help the first one and see to the conscientisation of the inhabitants of the Earth. However, despite a stronger support from the Cosmic Council, the density of the Earth produced the same effects on the cosmic memory of these beings.

A third group of dimensional beings were sent in 4 004 before J.C. also with the intention to awake the previous groups and to help in the evolution of the planet. This group was composed of 666 000 extraterrestrial beings who arrived in couples, each one of them came with its opposite polarity, its soul mate.

This third group of dimensionals played an important part in history. Around 4 000 years ago, the races got together to form the 12 tribes of Israel.

At last, in order to help and support the groups in their mission, a fourth group was chosen. It reached Earth 7 months after the 3rd group. This last group was divided in 2, the “extra group” and the “special group”, with 144 000 people (100 000 women and 44 000 men) who possessed a vibrational distortion of their magnetic field which facilitated their awakening.

These dimensionals of the 4th group made up the 13th tribe of Israel, the most noticeable one.

As at today, a third of the population of the Earth is dimensional. Most of them are not conscious of their origins and of their mission.

Main eras and civilisations of the Earth

The following frame shows the main eras and civilisations of the Earth.
They are defining the major changes of humanity.

450 million years ago
Beginning of the colonisation of the Earth
52.000 million years ago
Lemur civilisation
25.000 million years ago
Civilisation of Atlantis
20.000 million years ago
Inca and Mayan civilisations
13.000 before J.C.
Arrival of the first group of dimensionals
6.000 before J.C.
Arrival of the second group of dimensionals
4.004 before J.C.
Arrival of the 3rd and 4th groups of dimensionals / Tribes of Israel
3.500 before J.C.
Preparation to the arrival of Christ by the Amazons and the Sacerdotes
1.800 before J.C.
Zenith of Inca and Mayan civilisations
Arrival of Jesus Christ
From 2.012 to 2.014 after J.C.
Cyclic changes of the planet – Beginning of the new era
From 2.018 to 2.028 after J.C.
Golden era – Reconstruction of the world

Cosmic Mission

When they arrived on Earth, the third and the fourth groups knew that they would loose their memory because of the density of the planet Earth. So they wrote on plaques all the information related to the actual transition period of the planet as well as information related to the individual mission of each one of us.

Plaques are made of clay and of another unknown substance from the actual civilisation. Their size is approximativelly 30 x 20 cm. Their colour may vary according to their origin.

Each plaque holds the original name of its owner, its signature in this life, the location of its origin in the universe, all its incarnations on Earth and its cosmic mission with Earth until 2030 –date of the end of the cosmic compromise that the dimensional have with this planet.

The inscriptions on the plaques are coded, but they can be interpreted by their owners or by an authorised person.

These plaques are kept in three places of the planet. One of the location is Brazil, in the Mato Grosso do Sul, area were the Portal Project is based. This explains the energetic characteristics of this place. The second location is in Germany and the third is still yet unknown. They are kept by intraterrestrials in underground caves, to allow their access at the appropriate time in order to recover the cosmic memory and help to the realisation of the missions.

« And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened; and another book was opened, which is {that} of life. And the dead were judged out of the things written in the books according to their works. » Revelation 20:12

« He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies. To him that overcomes, to him will I give of the hidden manna; and I will give to him a white stone, and on the stone a new name written, which no one knows but he that receives {it}. » Revelation 2:17

The plaques reveal the secrets of the universe, of life and of the world. They also give various indications to the dimensionals so that they may realise their mission.

There are different ways to access to the plaques: they may have a physical, extra-physical or be in plasma shape. They can be accessed to by their owner, through other authorised and habilitated persons, or through the help of beings from other dimensions. The plaques are handed directly to some people by the intraterrestrials guardians of the cave. For others, the plaques are teletransported or appear from nowhere, even in a place outside of the cave.

The information enclosed change for ever the life of the person who acknowledges them. The simple fact of being in contact with this plaque changes the vibration of its owner so that it activates its cosmic memory. Many people already had access to their plaques and started to fulfil their mission.

The plaques are not trophies and they are not only there to serve the curiosity of people, to perform researches or to prove that you are brave. The information is disclosing three alternative ways to fulfil a mission: a positive one / easier, a negative one / harder, and a third way which is not necessarily conducting to the realisation of the mission.

The plaques are not the akashiques (or cosmic archives/registries) – mentioned by various religions and esoteric groups of studies.

The plaques are the individual registers of dimensionals holding the cosmic compromise that their owner has accepted and the type of work that must be performed in this life. This is a kind of trick used so that he can himself remember and reactivate his cosmic memory in order to fulfil his mission.

As for the akashiques archives, they have an archives system that records any thought, speech or action, such as a data base who keeps all the experiences experimented by incarnated beings. They are stored in the astral body of every one as a hologram. Someone with the ability of clairvoyance or of hypnose/regression may have access to it to disclose some experiments and former lives.

The symbology

The dimensional beings are carrying a graphic symbol on the chakra frontal called “symbology”. This is a kind of individual cosmic signature which is, on the one hand indicating the places/races where they have already been to on former incarnations and, on the other hand, which is used as a register of what they have accomplished on other systems and constellations.

Passages :
1 passage on Venus
1 passage on the Pleiades
2 passages on Sirius
9 passages on Antares
1 passage on Capricorn
12 passages on Orpheus
Codifications :
Mission with a child in the present
Propagation abroad
Work abroad
Worldwild leadership
Sexual debts on Antares and Orpheus

The symbologies are giving some precious information in relation with the past, the present and the future of every dimensional, such as the debts, the missions with children and information on the mission.

The symbology of every dimensional is different. It may alter with time, as the dimensional is going ahead in the fulfilment of its mission.

As long as the individual increase the degree of its consciousness, he gains more ability to manipulate the universal laws at the same time as his own magnetic field through cerebral command.

As at today, the symbology may only be identified through an advanced / developed paranormality. Exercises linked to the vibrational energy also give the possibility to the dimentionals to send their own symbology on the forehead, as a light, so that other people can see it.

Dimensions and hiérarchie of life

The word dimension is a latin word which means « to measure in every way ». A one-dimensional space is characterized by a data. For example, one number is sufficient to define the position of a place on a straight line. As well, you need four numbers to describe precisely the position of our bodies in our dimension (time included). This is why it is said that human beings live in a quadri-dimensional time-space. As a good example of this idea, you can imagine a tennis ball during a game, four numbers are necessary to define its position and path.

In the Cosmo there is infinity of dimensions. However, for a better understanding, we use to divide them in 9 major dimensions, each one of them divided in 9 sub-dimensions, in isolating the planets and the beings. The actual earth/social science has identified the multi-dimensional state of our system and has admitted that there are possible parallel existences between the dimensions.

The dimensions may be defined like divisions which commonly divide the planets and the beings – found during the initial explosion at the origin of the particles and micro-particles – according to their model of energy and the density of their substance. The particles with a bigger energetic charge stay closer from their particles of original/central energy, creating the most “energised” dimensions. The particles with a bigger amount of density of substance are more distant from this source, and create dimensions of deeper density.

The beings are assembled on the planets which have an energy/density compatible to theirs, and in dimensions also compatible with their energy and density.

The ascending scale of the energetic models as well as the density of the dimension is representing the degree of evolution of this group. The more important the energetic charge is the lesser density for the substance and the higher the evolutive phase. The dimensions with a higher energetic level and a lower density are more evoluated when the less evoluated dimensions with a lesser density are less evoluated.

If we consider that all the beings are constantly evoluating, their shared objective is to evoluate towards the next dimension, a dimension with a lesser density and more energetic.

The different types of energy and of substance forbid any direct contact with the beings of various dimensions. The beings from higher dimension possess higher vibrations or frequencies, and vice versa. However, according to their evolutive state, the beings may interact with other dimensions (usually 1 to 3 levels above and 1 level underneath). The interaction occurs through the adjustment of the vibration, which means an acceleration of the mental frequency until the reach of the vibrational level of the beings or dimensional wished/looked for. This is the reason why paranormal people are said to have the capacity to feel, see or communicate with beings from parallel dimensions.

The Earth is a planet of the 3rd dimension; therefore the human beings, the animals, vegetable and mineral of the Earth belong to the 3rd dimension. At the same time they are getting prepared for a transition toward the 4th and/or towards even higher dimensions. However, the Earth goes through constant interactions with beings from parallel dimension, and mostly upper dimensions which interact with lower dimensions in order to accompany them and help them in their evolution.

The interaction with these wider realities goes through the perception and the identification of frequencies. All the beings, from a mineral state to the most subtle shape have their own frequency. This frequency is sent out continuously and can be received by everyone. However, the human being is not detecting it since he is not paying attention to such subtle signals.

Usually one cannot see OnUUthe planets and constellation from other dimensions because this ability depends upon the degree of vibrational compatibility between the observant and the planet.

Classification of the extraterrestrials beings

Classification according to the density of the substance
Each category of being – extraterrestrial or not – shows a different density of substance. This substance matches the dimension in which the being evoluates and shows the level of evolution of the being. Also each category of being belongs to a certain dimension and can interact with other dimensions (higher or lower)

Dimension : 3rd
Density : 90% of material and 10% of energy
Description: Do not necessarily have a similar appearance to the human being. They are existence who has developed locally on the Earth. This condition concerns the dimensional beings (with an extraterrestrial lineage, and a cosmic mission on Earth, but living in a physical shape of planetaries of the 3rd dimension) and to the extraterrestrials beings who are living on Earth.
Dimension : 4th
Density : 20% of material and 80% of energy
Description: Extraterrestrial beings from various races with a cosmic mission. The beings from the Intergalactic Confederation, such as Ashtar Sheran and Atarian, belong to the Dimensionals.
Dimension : 5th (and act in all the dimensions)
Density : 100% of energy
Description: Intelligent energies that are thinking, acting and interacting as human beings would do. They look like small bowls of transparent light of the size on an orange. We can photography or film them, especially with the help of the ultraviolet energy of the cameras. They have a nucleus that sends lights of different colours according to their vibration and to the message that they wish to send. They have an effect on the electromagnetic field of the human beings and they are transmitting the information to the other extraterrestrials beings.
Dimension : 6th
Density : 100% of energy
Description: Their appearance and their function are similar to those of the ultradimensionals, but with a much stronger intensity of energy.

Dimension : 7th
Density : 97% of energy and 3% of ectoplasm
Description: They are angelical beings, with an extremely subtle body, made of ectoplasm and of energy of very high vibrational level.
The above classification is referring to the lineage of the animal evolution. There is also a classification taking into account the lineages of vegetal and mineral evolution.


Dimension : between 3rd and 4th
Density : 95% of energy and 5% of ectoplasm
Description: beings of various shape and sizes (sometimes under the shape of thick bowls of energy). They represent the plants of the earth, of the air, of the fire and of the waters. They are sometimes taking other shapes when they have to protect nature or to make a contact.
Dimension : between 3rd and 4th
Density : 92% of energy and 8% of ectoplasm
Description: beings in shape of large bowl of light, bigger than the elementals. They are acting as guardians of nature

Classification according to the field of action

It is also possible to classify the beings according to the place where they fulfil their mission:

They are beings who live on other planets, in other dimensions. They are working on a particular field. They are preparing the parallel worlds to our’s, bringing raw materials (ground, plants, animals, etc.) so that populations may easily adapt later on when they will live on these planets.
Extraterrestrials beings named intraterrestrials since they live inside of the planets. Their mission is to work in the interiors constructions of the earth, creating galleries in order to welcome and protect a part of the humanity against the future cataclysms. The intraterrestrials races that are existing on Earth are: the Betamix (4 to 6 meters high), the Tots (around 2,2 meters high with arms and legs proportionally very large compared to their size) and the Laquins (20 to 1,50 meters high). Their body is completely covered with a short fur, through which you can barely see the eyes and the mouth.

They are in charge of the aquatic part of the works (oceans, rivers and lakes). They are building submarine cities where human beings who are not prepared to the changes on Earth will be leaving. They can stay under the water without breathing up to 8 hours.

Classification according to the extraterrestrial races
There are billions of extraterrestrial races in the universe. However only 49 races belong to the Intergalactic Confederation which rules the laws of interaction for the beings from dense planets such as the Earth.

The extraterrestrial beings of the 49 races are coming from places distinct from the universe. They are acting in order to reinforce the development and the evolution of the beings of other dimensions. Actually, the dimensionals on Earth are descendants of these 49 races.

Sometimes they come from places located in the solar system, sometimes no. They can come from this or this star in a constellation. Very often, these places (planets, stars, constellations) are invisible not because they are very far away but because they belong to different dimensions.

In their original appearance, the beings from these 49 races have the same humanoid aspect than the human beings, with some various characteristics. The dimensionals of the Earth are descendants of these races and besides their representatives are still present.


The beings from the race of the Greys kidnapped human beings with the agreement of some governments – mostly during the two world wars – in order to perform genetical experiments. These beings come from the “negative” side of Orion where there is no emotions. They were only concerned with the researches, the discoveries and the technological evolution at the base of their knowledge. They were responsible of the negative implants, of mutilations and of extraterrestrials researches that happened in the past. They practiced biological experiments, biogenetics and cloning. They used human beings and animals as guinea-pig for their experiments since these experiments were often based on the emotions and on the feelings. The Greys do not know pain, tenderness, love, jealousy or sadness only because their brain does not have this kind of emotional stimulations. So they did not really had the intention to harm the human beings since their objective was to carry out researches on stimulations that they do not possess.

Since 1940, the major of the Intergalactic Confederation, Ashtar Sheran, in charge of the planet Earth, forbade this kind of experiments and then stopped the Greys to come and visit the Earth.

A few curiosity about the extraterrestrials beings
Languages They use a universal method of communication, this means that they are speaking different languages from one group to the other. They are able to understand each other as if there was a simultaneous translation. They understand what we are saying. They can communicate with the human beings with the voice or, in more elaborated situations, through telepathy.

Food They do not need much food, this is why they do not eat as much as we do (they control their metabolism with their mind). They only take from the food what is necessary to their diet. They drink a lot of liquids and the water that they drink is purer and lighter than ours. The planetary beings and the dimensionals sleep and eat, while the ultra-dimensionals do not.

Feelings They have a good control of their emotions. They do not always depend upon their feelings, not as much as the human beings from the 3rd dimension do. Since the Earth is a planet with a high density, the beings leaving there are very touchy. This can explain hate, passion, envy, jealousy, love, etc... And this is the reason why the extraterrestrial beings transmit techniques of transmutation and self-healing through emotional stimulations, because they know that this is our central nervous system which provoques the diseases and cures them.

Contact with the extraterrestrials beings
One of the most attracting aspects in the studies and practices of ufology – in addition to the cerebral evolution - is the contacts with the extraterrestrial beings. The contacts arouse curiosity and envy in many people ; they want to see spaceships or lights, to come inside a vessel, to see beings, to take amazing pictures, etc. But who is really ready for such a contact?

Most of the time we understand the expression « be ready » by « be brave ». But this is not the same thing. The preparation is something deeper, more elaborated, and mainly depends on the vibration and on the self behaviour, on the energy, on the ability to receive its mission, its task.

A person who is really ready will not feel fear during a contact with the extraterrestrial beings, because they over power and control the emotional state of the persons in stabilizing their energy. A behaviour compatible with a certain vibrational energy is necessary for the contact: the ego, the pride, the jealousy, the anxiety must be controlled. However, it is not so difficult to have a contact nowadays. They are stepping up all over the world since they belong to the planning of the extraterrestrials beings together with the human beings. It is not so rare anymore to notice lights, images, holography, cerebral projection, telepathic contacts, physical contacts, etc. Sometimes we can see lights or spots of energy in our pictures which are not visible to the naked eye because of the high frequency of these beings.

There must be a vibratory compatibility to allow a contact with beings from other dimensions. Also, a certain level of cerebral, emotional and physical stability is necessary to be able to develop its paranormal potentials.

Here are some required factors for a contact:
- All chakras must be stable
- A cerebral frequency higher than 17 cycles per second
- The external outline of the aura 100% silvery
- An electromagnetic field compatible with a cosmic frequency

It important to stress that the contacts do not help for the self-awareness and even less for self-evolution. Its purpose is to serve as a support to an experiment of life. This experiment may be talked about in the course of conferences or reports for the awakening of the dimensionals in their mission. Some people are carrying out frequent contacts with the beings in order to receive information.

The level of the contact can be classified as follows:

1º level
Observation of lights far-away, contact through the dreams.
2º level
Closer observations ; the lights or the spaceship are communicating in sending out lights, ray of light or in moving in various directions
3º level
The plates/discs can come as close as 100 or 200 m away and send telepathic messages to the person.
4º level
Visualisation of the beings with the possibility of a direct conversation and even to touch them.
5º level
Direct conversation with the beings (and as a way of consequence direct activation) with the possibility to even come inside its vessel and travel beyond stratosphere or go to other dimensions (without getting out of the vessel)
6º level
Visit of the planet of the beings.
7º level
Stay in the company of the beings up to a period of 7 hours in order to receive information.
8º level
Total permission.

Flying Object
The frame underneath describes the objects and demonstrations in the sky related to the extraterrestrial beings.


Planetary and dimensional beings are using spaceship for travelling. They have a perfect knowledge of the portals (xendras) and of their location in the universe. Spaceships, as well as being a mode of transport, are used to perform work on the dimensional beings’ vibration. There are various kinds of spacecrafts. They are invisible when flying above the clouds on cloudy day. They appear with flashes of lights (similar to the flash of the cameras). Sometimes, they send a space probe which flashes lights closer to the ground and underneath the levels of the clouds.
They are smaller vessel but with nobody on board. The space probes are giving information on the energy of a person, stabilise it or direct the works and the contacts with the dimensionals.
Special types of space probe which are crossing the sky like meteorites, even if their flight path can be horizontal or vertical (unlike meteorites). Their function is the same as the space probes’.

Vibrational energy
Since million of years, various cultures are studying the energy issued of our physical bodies. This energy wears different names like the Chi, Ki, Kha, Pran, Perisprit, etc. Several trends have developed various methods of energisation, like the Reiki, the pranic healing, the mindual magnetism, the Johrei, etc.

These trends usually use energies from external sources, they harness them with the help of the coronarian chakra, the chakras of the hands, with the help of breathing, etc. All these energies own slightly different specificities, but they are all based on the same principle.

However, concepts of ufology linked to the cerebral evolution are requiring vibrational energies. These energies are issued from many internal sources such as emotional stimulations (fear, anxiety, nervous breakdown, happiness, melancholy, pain, passion, etc.) or sexual, with exercises or specific activations, all performed at an accelerated rhythm. Positive or negative, stimulations may be converted in vibrational energy with the help of a cerebral commandment of the person, which is a deep desire.

Sex is the beginning of life and the base of the human beings energy. Its practice allows to increase, to accelerate or even to stock energies. During the intercourse, human metabolism goes through alterations and starts to function at an accelerated rhythm. All the cells are getting restless and they can transmit or receive any kind of information. The subconscious, the mind and the energies are actived to a rhythm up to 300 times faster and deeper than the normal state, which is facilitating the realisation of dreams.

So the individual is his own source of energy and he does not need external energies. This is the reason why his chakras must be reversed or neutralised so that he does not absorb external or negative energies.

Everyone can control its own wishes. Then it is very easy to remember a fact from the past which has provoked good or bad sensations. These sensations come back to memory in instantly, as if a film was broadcasted in the “mental-television”. With this technique it is possible to make a retrospective of these events and also to feel some of the emotions which are related to it. This is a simple method which requires very little concentration.

When this happens, there is an alteration of the central nervous system which provokes accelerated oscillation all through the body. These mutations provoke the liberation of energies which are stock and which are not used in the subconscious. As a final step, you must only deeply desire that all these vibrations are transformed in vibrational energies and are stocked in the frontal chakra to be used afterwards when and where this will be appropriate. This is how the subconscious manages to carry out this order.

Kundalini Energy
Vibrational energies are the result of the transmutation of emotional and sexual stimulations. Each emotion has a specific vibratory frequency and the sexual stimulations have a higher vibratory frequency.

The Kundalini energy is the fusion of all transmuted vibrational energies, and not only sexual energies even if this is the most favoured one because of its’ high vibratory frequency. The Kundalini energy must be sent to the frontal chakra to be directed.

Takionic Energy
The development of the Kundalini energy on the frontal provokes an interaction of the electromagnetic field of the person with the electromagnetic field of the Earth which is periodically synchronised with the cosmic vibration. When this happens, the Kundalini energy is transformed into Takionic energy: the energy of the thought.

The Takionic energy is the energy which possesses the highest vibratory frequency of the universe. This is a neutral energy, composed of two pairs of particles with opposite vibratory frequencies which cancel and stabilise each other. Because of its neutral state, Takionic energy has no resistance and travels 27 times faster than the light. Takionic energy potentialises vital energy, the aura or the personal electromagnetic field. The manipulation of the Takionic energy helps in the arising of the consciousness and facilitates the contact with beings from higher dimensions.

The Takionic energy was used by Jesus Christ to perform what we call « miracles » and this is why we say that Takionic energy is vibrating in the frequency of love. All the things and all the beings of the universe vibrate at various frequencies, according to the level of their evolution. Jesus Christ shows to everyone that in vibrating at a high level of frequency, the mind can direct the Takionic energy and raise the vital energy of the ill people in order to perform a self-healing and try to avoid death. That same energy directs and alters the frequency of the water – changing it into wine – as well as the energy of other elements, beings and subjects of nature.

For the world of the third dimension like the Earth, the difficulty in reaching this high level of vibration is far beyond the actual understanding. Because of mental blocks, of trauma, complexes, financial and emotional matters, it is difficult to reach such a resonance. This is the reason why the dimensional human beings need the help of technology already used by their ancestors in various places of the universe. As an example, we can find this technique in the symmetrical shape of the pyramids.

Cosmic Energie

Since 1971, in order to make the work of the dimensional on earth easier, the Christ sent out a few sprinkles from his own light (essence) - this is what we call the cosmic energy - so that they interact on them and in so doing awake their ability and their consciousness.

The objective is that everyone develops this energy, not only to help oneself, but also all those who need help and orientation. Cosmic energy may be considered as a small piece of the Christ. With the help of this energy, the divine potential of creation of everyone is potentialised.

Cosmic energy protects the dimensionals from health problems and all the dangers and threats which might interfere in the accomplishment of their mission. The Cosmic energy makes the Kundalini spiral out from the spine.

Without the help of the Christ, difficulties would be much more important. This divine energy interacts with the cells of the dimensionals, and this facilitates the propagation and intensifies the interactions with other people.

The chakras are centres or vortex of energy placed in strategic points of the energetic body. They have the shape of a flying source; they are concave and they rotate.
Thanks to the chakras and their direct links with the vital organs, we are able to stabilize the energy of the body. They behave like receptors and distributors of energies. They capture these energies from the universe and the environment and this often leads to an accumulation of dense energies depending on the vibratory state of the person. Hence the importance of constantly renewing and stabilizing the energies and the cerebral sketch even more.

Chakras have major functions such as:
▪ to absorb, direct and distribute the energy towards different places of the organism,
▪ to control the functioning of each organ and of the physical body as a all,
▪ to develop cerebral and extrasensory capacities of people.

The main chakras are :


§ Placed at the top of the skull
§ In charge of the energy. Control the brain and the pituitary gland.
§ The vibrational energy automatically neutralise this chakra when it is activated because it is created by the peculiar energy and is not depending on the cosmos or on any other external source.
§ Located in the forehead region (between the eye brows)
§ In charge of all the functions of human mind. Energise and control the pituitary gland (hypophysis), the sight, the hearing, the smell and the brain.
§ Works like a tank of vibrational energies produced by the other chakras. It is also used to discharge this energy towards the physical world and to behave accordingly to its programming.

§ Located on the larynx (base of the throat)
§ Controls the thyroid and parathyroid glands, the throat, the larynx and the pharynx.
§ Works on the immunological system of the human body
§ Unbalanced, will cause anxiety, compulsions and unsettling of hormonal functions.
§ Located in the region of the heart, in the middle of the chess
§ In charge of respiratory and circulatory functions, of the lungs and of the heart.
§ The thymus is the gland related to this chakra.
§ It may be the cause obsessional passions, hate, bitterness, sorrow etc if it is unbalanced.
§ Not directly work through energisations and self-healing. Work through sexual energy.
§ Located in the region of the stomach.
§ Energises and controls the diaphragm, the stomach, the leaver, the pancreas, the appendix and the large intestine and in a subtle and lighter way, the small intestine, the lungs and the heart.
§ Controls the temperature of the body, the emotions and the hormonal functions.
§ Centre of the distribution of the energy.
§ Located on the navel region.
§ Controls and energises the lower part of the large intestine, the small intestine, the suprarenals, the appendix and the spine.
§ If it is unbalanced, it will affect the vitality of the person.
§ Located in the pubic region.
§ Controls and energises the sexual organs, the bladder and the legs.
§ This is the chakra that produces the biggest amount of vibrational energy.

All the chakras are producing vibrational energy, but only the chakra from the base produces active vibrational energy. This can be used for many things such as:
· to make money and carry out life projects
· to discard the blocks
· to develop psychosinesic or telesynesic capacities
· to recover your memory, remembrance of certain events
· to activate extrasensorial skills asleep in the mind
· to provoke changes in the metabolism
· to reverse the polarities
· personal development

In order to stabilise a chakra, you only need to turn it 7 times anticlockwise (imagine that a clock is lain on the chakra with the numbers facing the outside). To accelerate a chakra, you need to turn it 7 times clockwise. The umbilical chakra is the only one which is accelerated clockwise as well as anticlockwise; in both case, it is accelerating the entire entire vibrational field. The umbilical chakra is the only one which accelerates the entire vibrational field. It must be accelerated to facilitate all the contacts with beings from other dimensions, gain a protection against negative sources of energy, accelerate the self-healing process, etc.

The frontal chakra behaves like an activated tank of vibrational energy produced by the chakra from the base; it also allows projecting this energy towards the physical world. This is why you must accelerate the frontal chakra in turning it anticlockwise.

As a conclusion, all of the chakras must be reversed by turning them anticlockwise, except from the frontal and the umbilical which must be accelerated (except in some specific works).

The aura is an energetic field around the physical body, an energy which envelops and surrounds the human beings. Any alteration to this energetic field alters the metabolism, which may provoke disease for example. The visualisation of the aura can established a diagnosis of the person. The alterations and changes in the colour of the aura may come from emotional, mental or physical problems.

The layers of the aura
The human aura is divided in 7 layers; each one of them owns several functions and is linked to a gland of the body. The functions of the layers may change according to the cycles of the Earth (Schumann’s Resonance). Usually each layer varies from 1 to 3 cm according to the evolution. Above 3 cm, the individual has reached an optimal state of evolution.

The following chart shows the 7 layers. The first six layers form the internal aura and the seventh is the external aura.

§ Linked to the thyroid and to the emotional
§ Its stability is fundamental to any energetic work
§ Linked to the tonsils, to the senses and to the astral projection
§ Captures the mindual frequency
§ Linked to the pancreas and to the chemical reactions of the body
§ Captures the resonance of the first layer, which is then reflected on the physical
§ Linked to the appendix
§ Shows the vibration of contact and the extra-physical and cerebral projection
Magnetic Field
§ Linked to the pituitary and pineal glands, to consciousness and reason. Shows phenomena of interactions with the substance, with other spirits, with christic energy, with alchemical and transmutative vibrations
§ Linked to the surrenal
§ Shows the energy of the glands and of the bipolarity
§ Linked to the leaver
§ Shows the protection of the beings, the stabilisation, the transmutation and the evolutional level

Colours of the aura

§ Mediumnity
§ Telepathy, extra-sensorial perception, premonition and sensitivity in general
§ Ups and downs of life (mostly for the negative than for the positive)
§ Repercussions on the financial level, on the emotional level and finally on health / the physical
§ These levels bring little good things
§ Goods, money, professional development and success in personal projects
§ Changes, transformation and recycling
§ Favour the change of work, the removals, the projects in general
§ Colour of the mutation
§ Facilitates the materialisation and the dematerialisation
§ All the planning of changes will succeed
§ Colour of the active vibrational energy
§ Favours paranormality, alchemy and action on the substance
§ Colour of the overall stability
§ Favours all the qualities of the other colours
§ Excellent for the contacts

The ideal situation is to have the first six layers of the aura red and the last one silvery.

GNA – The genetic new code
The dimensional human beings have a special cell implanted by the beings and which is called the GNA. It is used to accelerate the evolution process, to transform the metabolism into energy and to awake our consciousness.

The cell of the GNA is located in the area of the carotid artery (occasionally you can find it in the region of women’s hips). After the implant, the cell of the GNA must be activated to be able to start its’ process. The action of this process is to first transform itself in energy and then throw itself from top to bottom and transform all the material cells of the body in energy until that all these cells become energy.

The persons born after Marsh 27, 1971 have an active GNA already and their aura is silver colour already, which shows a general stability. The persons born before that date need to activate it.

The activation is automatically and continuously performed through flashes of light sent out from a special vassel – appropriately called the GNA vassel – directly directed towards the GNA cell in the neck.

In the human cells, there is already the DNA, the genetic code. The GNA is its’ energetic complement, as if it was the DNA transmuted into energy.

The Implants

The implants are formed from cells of the DNA. Some of them are transformed into an energetic implant. The implant develops and transforms itself into plasma and then into a physical state.

Their function is to facilitate 1. The vibrational development of the dimensional human beings through the acceleration of the cerebral frequency and 2. The development of extra-sensorial perceptions such as paranormality, consciousness or reason.

The implants are located near the regions of the meridians of the body.

The negative implants placed inside the human beings by the beings from the race of the Greys are not implanted anymore since the forties.

Discoid stones

The discoid stones are stones of very variable sizes and of the shape of a flying saucer. They are acting like regulator of frequencies between human beings and extraterrestrial beings. They have several capacities; one of them is the ability to stabilize the vibration of the chakras.

Their owner must always keep their stone with them. At the imminence of a threat or of any negative event, the stone may disappear or be broken, and they will reappear or be rebuilt in one piece ten days after the event. If nothing happened, this is because the danger was very serious. You have to keep in mind that they are not miraculous stones or amulets.

They fall in the area of the Mato Grosso do Sul like a rain produced by some spaceships: they form into a shape when their energy meets the ground.

Energetic shapes

Here are a few interesting questions:
▪ Why bubbles of soap are spherical and not square shaped?
▪ Why, when we see a distant light, even if its’ base is a rectangular or a triangular shape, do we perceive a circular ray?
▪ Why, when we throw a stone in the water, the propagation of the waves is circular?

The answer to these questions is that the spherical shape is the most perfect shape of energy in the 3rd dimension. Also, the oval is the most perfect shape of energy in the 4th dimension and the disk-shape is the most perfect one in the 5th dimension.

This concept is extremely important for all the works in relation with the energies.

In order to reach the objectives of the mind power with the strongest intensity, the metallisation must be carried out in giving a code to the mind frequency so that it is propagated in circular waves – and in standing waves shapes when the objective is personal or in continuous propagation of the waves when the objective is to help other persons.

To imagine something for yourself, you must mentalise circular waves sent out from yourself.

To imagine something for other people, you must mentalise semi-circular waves reaching the person who is the target.

To direct your energy towards an object, to twist a stone for example, you must mentalise a straight line of energy reaching the object.

The plasma

As far as science is concerned, plasma is the fourth state of the substance, formed when a gas is very hot. The flame of a candle as well as the luminescence of a fluorescent light is two examples of plasma. The sun and other stars are also made of plasma.

According to what the beings have passed on to us, the plasma which is used in the works is an extraterrestrial biomechanical technology controlled by the energetic beings.

This plasma acts on the consciousness and the reason, potentializes the electromagnetic field of the person and works on the self-healing.

The wave frequency
Every being owns a frequency of light which is sent out by the universe, this is called the wave frequency. It is individual and unique, just the same as a fingerprint.

The manipulation of this frequency facilitates the manipulation of vibrational energy, helps in the process of energisation, in the programming of dreams, in telepathy, in perceptiveness, in cerebral programming and also in the manipulation of all paranormality.

When you know your wave frequency and when you know how to handle it, you can “cure” any person for example, just like Jesus Christ used to do. This process is also called the “Medicine of the Christ”. It is performed through the stabilization of the magnetic field of the person or through activation. The “miracle” is then performed by the person who is concerned. This process is not only used for self healing, it can be used also for financial purposes, love, health, etc...

The Transmutative Alchemy

This is the ability to transform the substance in energy, regardless of the dimension in which it is vibrating.

The magus were people trained to dominate the universal laws of the 3rd dimension. Thanks to this knowledge, they could transmute a substance into another, like the lead into gold. This is how they controlled the transmutative alchemy.

The processes usually start with a preparation towards following steps and by the mass energy conversion of crystals by the women and the polarization of a perfume by the men. Then, the materialization of gold and the sublimation of energy (transformation of the negative energy into positive energy) are to be developed.

During the course of the sublimation, everything that the person touches, thinks or the only presence of the person is so that the negative energies are instantly converted into positive energies. Even if somebody else thinks about this person, her or his energy will be converted or modified thanks to the transmutative energy. In order for this to happen, the Kundalini energy must come up along the spine in a spiral shape.

The Amazons

For a very long time there has been question of the existence of warrior women who were living on their own, isolated from men that they would only meet for reproduction and only to have children from the female gender. They were the amazons [from the ancient Greek language a (none, without) and mazós (breast)], which means women with no breast since, according to the legends, these women had to burn themselves or waist away their right breast when they were still young in order to facilitate archery.

In truth Amazons did really existed and were warriors. But the legend is not correct on other aspects. The amazons possessed a kind of tattoo that would represent the galaxy of their origin and define their tribe (dark, fair and red hair).

The amazons ruled over in the area of Cappadocia located in Lower Asia. During the IIIrd century before JC, amazons had already reached Greece. They were also living in the south of Russia, in Mongolia and in Egypt. You could also find amazons in Brazil; there are actually several testimonials written by Portuguese and Spanish people who would refer to them. The Amazonas River is named after them.

History and legends have misrepresented a lot what amazons really accomplished. Their mission was to bring peace to the planet. They have stabilized the electromagnetic field of the planet (in connection with the Schumann Resonance) using the sound vibrations of their vocal cords, just like songs and ultra-sonic mantras. The alliance of their voice and the melody were resending in heavenly vibrations, synchronizing the molecules of the water in a tetraedical shape. Everything that was made of water, such as human beings or animals, was influenced by this vibration. They also had the special mission of preparing the visit of Christ by changing people’s vibration.

All mothered amazons were sacerdotes: they would possess various extra sensorial gifts, easy manipulation of the laws of the 3rd dimension.

They were transmitting magic with a very powerful strength through their sight, such as, without speaking a word, they would make themselves understood. In their mouths, a personal magnetism would shine and they would delight the masses with their smiles. With their kisses, when they were orientated in this way, they would make men’s vibrational energy increase and fix it in the frontal region for a period of seven months. Rare were the men that were given this privilege. They had to be sacerdotes themselves or be in possession of certains extra sensorials capacities.

The energy of the amazons was pure. Their hardly had any contact with roughly selected men. Even if they had sexual intercourse, their energetic field would instantly neutralized the man’s energy, which means that the amazons eternally had the vibration of a virgin, without vibratory impurity.

Activation of the Kundalini energy

Objective: accelerate the global level of the Kundalini energy on people who are practicing this exercise.

- This must only be experienced by a man on a woman and by a woman on a man
- This must only be experienced between people with energetic compatibility
- This cannot be performed on people who do not have their symbology

1. Rub your hands
2. Turn the solar plexus 7 times anti-clockwise
3. With the back of your fingers, turn 3 times clockwise on the umbilical, cardiac and frontal chakras
4. With the tip of your fingers (not using your thumbs) with both hands parallel go from the base of the spine to the back of the ears of the activated person. Put the thumbs instantly behind the ears. Replace the thumbs by the forefingers on the temples and place the thumbs on the frontal
5. Press on 3 spots at the edge of the scapula and using the tip of the middle fingers, pressing with the thumbs.
Move upwards massaging with the tip of the fingers until you reach the thumb, and now with the thumbs between the end of the trapezius and the collar bone, push three times with the other fingers in a claw shape, starting from the back and going upwards.
6. Leave the other fingers on the trapezius and slide the thumb to the ears. Massage
7. Press three points with the tips of your middle fingers pressing with your thumbs.
8. Lower the hands and place your thumbs on the hip bone. With the other fingers press on the hollow of the hip
9. Using both hands turn 3 times in any direction the umbilical dorsal chakra
10. Each person places their hands on the lower back of the other and position themselves so that GNA’s of each partner touches the others.

The following exercises may be practice on a daily basis.
Activation of the sixth sense on man

This exercise activates men’s sixth sense: this is a mix of extra-sensorial perceptions, of premonitions, of intuition, etc.
1. stamp on the floor with your feet for 30 seconds
2. Massage the ganglions for 30 seconds
3. Massage behind the ears for 30 seconds
4. Concentrate on your wish
5. Press on the ear lobes for 10 seconds
6. Put your hands on the mirror and check if a small mist is forming around it

Activation of women’s’ magic

This exercise is meant to polarized the electromagnetic field in an area of 100 km. The more you do it, the stronger you reinforce (potentialize) the field. Only women have the magic.
1. Slide your fingers 7 times from 5cm above the knee to the top of leg
2. Concentrate on your wish
3. Relax and feel the energy slide up to the pituitary glands
4. Massage the ganglions for 10 seconds

Stabilisation of the aura

The aura can be destabilized because of a very strong perturbation (such as crying, excess of hunger, fear, etc ...) An unstabled aura leaves the person fragilised, at the mercy of an organic dysfunction and negative energies.

Have a cold shower lasting 19 seconds without any soap or shower products (soap, shampoo,)